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PSAT Test Preparation

We understand the role the PSAT plays in students’ ability to pay for college, as well as prepare for the SAT. Qualifying for the National Merit Scholarship is an achievement that will impact a student’s future as it gives them a competitive edge when applying to colleges and for scholarships. Out of approximately 1.5 million students, only 50,000 will be recognized for having the highest scores.

This examination is taken typically in October of students’ sophomore or junior year of high school but no later than their senior year. Unfortunately, the skills most students are taught up until that point in their high school career is not enough for them to be prepared to take this exam.

The pressure to do well on this exam has been established and now A-PLUS is here to relieve the stress. With A-PLUS, a student will not have to see an anxiety-producing PSAT exam for the first time in their official test-taking room but they will be comfortable and prepared to do well. We administer practice exams and constantly evaluate the student’s performance. Because we access a student’s strengths and weaknesses, A-PLUS is able to efficiently coach the student - we care about making the best use of your time and money!

Our tutors are not only qualified because of their academic degrees but also because they have experience preparing students to take the PSAT exam. A tutor will focus on not only on making a student comfortable with the material they will expect to see on the exam, but also on developing the critical thinking skills necessary to do well- the foundation of the PSAT. We also provide the APLUS tutoring team with the highest quality test preparation materials.

This service is offered in-home, online, and in our Houston area classrooms. Because we offer many platforms to take this class, you have the option of enrolling in:

·         one-on-one tutoring in-home

·         one-on-one tutoring online

·         group tutoring online at a scheduled meeting time

·         classroom tutoring at a scheduled meeting time at our Houston office

SAT Test Preparation

The importance of the SAT is reiterated time and time again to high school students. At A Plus we want you to feel confident in your ability to do well on this exam.

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