Subject Tutoring

First things first, we want you to know that at A Plus we do everything in our power to work with your schedule so that having a tutor for your child is convenient! We have a variety of ways through which your child can meet with a tutor. We can match you with a private tutor in your area with whom you can arrange a meeting place and time, whether you and your child prefer meeting online, in your home, or a public place of you and the tutor’s choice.

When we work with your child, we offer several different styles of aid. If your child is struggling with a specific subject, we have an array of advanced materials from which we can work to enable him/her to reach his/her full potential and keep up in school. Whether it is math, science, reading, or writing, our tutors have the knowledge and expertise to ensure improvement in your child’s understanding of the material. We are familiar with the Texas public school curriculum and that of the local school districts and are therefore qualified to guide your child through any trouble they may be having in school.

Homework assistance is guaranteed for your child if he/she requires help understanding his/her school assignments.

If you have a child who is bored by their classes and requires further challenge, our tutors can service these needs as well! If, for example, your child is excelling in math in school and you believe he/she has the potential to learn more advanced subject matter for his/her grade level, we will provide the guidance and materials appropriate for your child to advance his/her knowledge!

Our tutors for grades 1-5 are at least high school graduates with past tutoring experience who have been interviewed and had background checks performed on them before joining our team at A Plus. We assure the quality of our educators!

Subject Tutoring (Middle School & High School)

At A Plus we understand the complexity of the process of transitioning from elementary school to middle school, therefore we provide the extra help your child may need to be successful in this stage of schooling!

Before making any commitments, we issue an assessment test to your child to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Upon completion of this short assessment, we will provide an in-person consultation so we can all work together to determine the best option for your child.

We work with your schedule by giving you the option to be matched with a private tutor in your area with whom you can choose the time, place, and frequency of your child’s tutorials. Your child can meet with their tutor online or at a location coordinated between you and the tutor.


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