Imagine A Plus as a bridge to countless of talented and hard working freelancers and full timers out there. Our job is to get them for you. With 15 years of background in the staffing industry, our management is well equipped in getting the right people for your business.

We are here to lay the groundwork for you:

  • Acquisition – We get the right people for you through our simplified and thorough employment process.
  • Pairing – We make the perfect employer-employee match up that will guarantee efficiency and longevity of the relationship.
  • Deployment- We make sure the employee you get is well equipped in handling the tasks you ask them to do.


We guarantee you a roadmap to success. What your business deserves, you will get. Our employment process is simple but thorough. We want to protect your company as much as we want to see it grow. A Plus will provide the necessary background checks to ensure the security of your business. Let A Plus take the load off of your back and help you build the team that you want.

Does your IT department lack the luster it needs? Do you need to revamp your Accounting department? We provide the right staffing solutions. Our team can get the most driven and competitive people to fill in the gaps. Basically, you tell us what you want and we will do it right for you. As simple as that!


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