A Plus believes that our IT students should be familiar and become an enthusiast when it comes to emerging trends in the IT Industry. A Plus also offers modules of similar platforms but from different manufacturers and developers. Our goal is to make our trainees well rounded on all existing software programs and discipline to prepare them to be flexible in a real work environment. We provide in depth discussions of differences and similarities with the products including the disadvantages and advantages employee may encounter on a real work environment.

BA: Business Analysis is a research discipline used in business to identify and solve problems. These solutions mostly come as a software-systems development component, process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development. An IT Business Analyst responsibility is to manage projects for information technology development and testing. A Yearly earning is an average of $66K.

TABLEAU: Tableau is also business intelligence software that centers on visual, interactive dashboards that can easily be shared. It is user friendly and can be easily understood and navigated by someone who does not have experience with other BI software.

Business Intelligence Developer: Business intelligence developers are data experts because they work primarily with databases different kinds of software. This job involves developing and fine tuning IT solutions. BIs make around $80K annually.

PYTHON: Python is an open source licensed programming language that is used to create simple programs that is easier to read. It is ideal to use during prototype stage.

QLICKVIEW: Qlikview is regarded as the most flexible business intelligence platform because it can easily consolidate all relevant data for search and analysis. It can support straightforward, clean and unrestricted analysis that not only saves time but makes a huge difference in the decision making of a company.

Business Intelligence Consultant: A Business Intelligence Consultant modifies programs to meet a certain business goal and to build a solid relationship with external vendors. It also the job of the consultant to assists companies in collecting and organization of computerized data. Annual pay is $80K

UNIX: UNIX is most famous for being the first operating system written in the C language which was later distributed in a variety of versions for personal, business and university use.

UNIX Systems Administrator: A UNIX systems administrator should be an expert with the UNIX operating system.  Job includes installing, configuring, and maintaining the UNIX operating system and all other applications. The take away money is $70K per year. 

VMWARE: VMware is a virtualization and cloud computing software used to support virtual machines. It is also an operating system installed for IBM compatible computers and servers.

Information Technology (IT) Manager: An IT manager’s job is to oversee a whole IT department. Main responsibilities include preparation, maintenance and updating IT procedures and documentation related to our processes and platforms operations. Annual earning is $80K

VIRTUALIZATION: Virtualization software is the answer to Information Technology’s problems when it comes to architecture of today’s x86 servers which is design to run one operating system and application at a time. This infrastructure is the reason why most IT departments on companies spend a lot of time and money to maintain its operation.

Systems Administrator: A Systems Administrator’s task is to Provide hands-on system administration support, system maintenance and operations support and recommend software and hardware enhancements. Average pay per year is $60K per year.

TIBCO: Tipco is software for messaging queues used by companies to manage information and to organize decision processes. It can be use as “on-premise” or as a part of cloud computing environments for data transfers. This can be business to business, business to employees or business to consumer. Most websites use this for their product recommendations and package tracking systems.

TIBCO Architect: A TIBCO Architects job is to install and configure TIBCO products including TIBCO Hawk. Main responsibility is to organize architecture for an enterprise wide deployment of TIBCO products. Yearly pay average is 75k.

 CSHARP: CSharp is a multi-paradigm programming language. It is simple, modern and object- oriented.  It was developed by Microsoft and was later approved as a standard since it is designed for Common language infrastructure.

Full Time Developer: A C# Application developer’s job is to write client-server C# applications in both desktop and web based environments. Annual pay is an average of $70K.


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