Cognosisa Business Intelligence (BI) and Performance Management (PM) software was acquired by IBM in 2008. From there, it became a line of software products that branched out from business, operational intelligence, performance management to workforce analytics. A Cognos Software developer’s job is to understand business intelligence needs, create solutions using available software and conduct quality audits. The annual average salary is $85,000 - $ 95,000 plus benefits.

A Business Intelligence Consultant’s job is to assists companies in collecting and organization of computerized data. A (BI) consultant also modifies programs to meet a certain business goal and to build a solid relationship with external vendors. Annual pay is $80,000 Plus benefits


Oracle defines Hadoop as an Open Source implementation of a large-scale batch processing system. It uses the Map Reduce framework introduced by Google by leveraging the concept of maps and reduces functions well known in Functional Programming.

An IT Data Scientist is responsible for getting complex data and gives system related advice to teams of other IT professionals that manage statistical data. The job also includes creating different models depending on the needs of the company. Yearly income can start from $64K to $138K.

Software Engineer designs and develops application components. Basic tasks include modification and debug of software. Income average us $85,000 + benefits per year


CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is an IT associated level certification provided by Cisco. This certification makes you a cutting edge and well rounded engineer.  It is one of the most popular certifications taken by many IT professionals. A CCNA professional earns an average of $ 85,000 + benefits annually.


Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) is another certification provided by Cisco’s certified professional program. It’s an intermediate-level certification for system administrators, network personnel and individuals who specialize in LAN/WAN structure and facilities. CCNP is the next sought after certification by IT professionals. By taking this extra training, IT professionals can earn an average of $90,000 + benefits annually as network engineers and designers.



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