Course Duration:

Around 50- hours Training

Training Materials:

All attendees will receive,

  • Notes and study material for examples covered.


  • Entry-level IT.
  • Basics of SQL, Database & Data Warehouse
  • Someone who is looking for a career in SAP HANA Database.
  • Someone who is a SAP Consultant and wants to add SAP HANA skills.

Training Format:

This course is delivered as a highly interactive session, with extensive live examples.

This course is Live Instructor led Online training delivered using Cisco WebEx/Ring Central Meeting center Web and Audio Conferencing tool.

SAP HANA Course Content

Introduction to SAP HANA

·Introduction to SAP HANA
·In-Memory Computing and SAP HANA
·Row Vs Column store in SAP HANA
·SAP HANA as an In-Memory Computing Solution
·Does SAP HANA Replace BWA
·Pros and Cons of BWA
·Pros and Cons of SAP HANA
·Versioning in SAP HANA

Introduction to SAP HANA Architecture

·Architecture Overview
·Look and feel of SAP HANA
oIn-Memory Computing Studio
oAdministration View
oNavigator View
oSystem Monitor
·IMCE and surroundings
·Row Store
·Column Store
·Loading data into HANA
·Data Modelling

Data Provisioning

·Basics of Data Provisioning
·what is Data Provisioning
·BODS Look and Feel
·Using BODS to load data from Flat file to SAP HANA
·Using BODS to load data from ECC to SAP HANA

Understanding SAP HANA Basic Modelling

·Data: Types of data
·Modelling with Attribute Views
·Hierarchy Types
oParent child
oLevel hierarchy
·Modelling with Attribute Views
·Modelling with Analytic Views

Advanced Concepts in SAP HANA Studio

·Calculated Attributes
·Restricted and Calculated Measures
·Filter and Variable Operations
·Variables and Input Parameters
·Currency Conversion
·Personalizing Studio
·Model Validation
·Checking Model References
·Customizing Perspectives

Advanced Modelling

·Understanding CE Functions -- Union, Left outer Join, Right outer Join, Inner join, Projection and Aggregation
·SAP HANA Modelling using Calculation Views with SQL Script
·Loading a flat file using flat file wizard to SAP HANA


·HANA, Reporting Layer
·Connectivity options
·SAP Business Objects BI 4.1
·Designing Complex Universes in IDT based on HANA Tables and HANA Views
·WEBi 4.0 on HANA
·MS Excel 2010

User Management

·Creation of Users
·Creation of Roles
·Assignment of Users to Roles

Security and Authorizations

·User Management and Security
·Types of Privileges
·Template Roles

Persistence in SAP HANA

·Persistent Layer
·Back up & Recovery
·User Management


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