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An Accountant’s job is to keep records of profit, assets, loss, tax liabilities and other financial activities within a company or business. Other task will include interpreting financial records and statements.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Associate’s degree
  • CPA is a plus
  • Previous accounting experience is needed
  • Ethical and professional sensibilities
  • Familiarity with computers and wide range of software such as Microsoft Excel and Quickbooks,Calculations and detail oriented skills

Book keeper

A bookkeeper is in charge of calculating, recording, balancing financial reports and payroll. Other responsibilities include; creating monthly, semi annually and year end reports, entering changes to employee payroll, make reports for information pertaining to retirement and payroll and handle voluntary and involuntary deductions


  • At least High School Diploma or Associate’s Degree
  • Proficient in computers and accounting software; Strong math ability and organizational skills
  • Knowledge of QuickBooks or similar program
  • Strong MS-Excel skills

General Ledger Accountant

The general ledger accountant is most responsible for making sure that the general ledger is accurate and complete; reconcile balance sheets, accounts, and invoices, prepare and implement audit schedules and process re-engineering to reduce financial errors and prepare monthly, quarterly, and ad hoc reports with variance explanations


  • Bachelor’s degree in business or accounting
  • Three to five years of experience in accounting related fields
  • Familiarity with general accounting, payroll, bookkeeping
  • Basic computer skills
  • Strong communication skills

Accounts Payable Supervisors

    An Accounts Payable Supervisor is in charge of verifying accuracy of figures and calculations, compute, distinguish, and record numerical data to keep financial records complete.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting
  • CPA is preferred
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Keen attention to details

Accounts Receivables Supervisors

Accounts receivable managers supervise all the day-to-day Accounts Receivable and Collection activities. Other tasks include processing claims, managing reports, ensuring late charge billing is done on time, communicating billing issues, auditing accounts, preparing billing adjustments, and ensuring invoices are printed, sorted, and distributed.


  • ·High school diploma or Associate’s degree in Accounting
  • · Mathematical sensibilities
  • ·Strong organizational skills
  • ·Strong leadership traits
  • ·Keen attention to details
  • ·Extensive knowledge in Microsoft Office and Oracle.

Billing Clerk

A billing clerk’s job is to process and roll out information related to billing through the use of documentation and visuals and communicate it to relevant parties.


  • ·High school diploma or GED certificate
  • ·Proficiency in relevant computer software

Accounting Assistant

The accounting assistant is in charge of processing invoices like filing, sorting, and faxing documents and correspondence. Other tasks include answering phone calls, reviewing documents for accuracy and completeness, tracking inventory and working on spreadsheets.


·At least a High school degree

·A year of bookkeeping experience

·Proficiency with MS Excel, QuickBooks and similar software

Audit Assistant

Assistant auditors are mainly in charge of assisting auditors in their day-to-day work such as inspecting and evaluating financial information for any errors, filing claims, and understanding and manipulating data to find discrepancies. Job also includes analyzing data to check for fraud or if non compliant to standard rules and regulations.


  • ·Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in business or finance
  • ·Ability to meet tight deadlines
  • ·Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • ·Experience in accounting or similar field is a plus
  • ·Proficiency in MS Office suite

Staff Accountant

A staff accountant maintains records of assets, liabilities, profit and loss, tax liability, or other financial activities within an organization. Other task includes generating and interpreting financial records and statements for management.

  • ·Bachelor’s degree in Accounting
  • ·At least one year experience in accounting or related fields
  • ·Keen attention details
  • ·Mathematical skills
  • ·Organizational skills

Accounts payable clerks

Accounts payable clerk handles customer inquiries and preparing financial statements. Other responsibilities include recording, coding, and processing all invoices for payment.


  • ·High school diploma
  • ·proficient with basic computer programs such as the Microsoft Office suite and any necessary accounting software
  • ·good interpersonal and communication skills
  • ·Keen attention to details

Accounts receivable clerks

Accounts receivable clerks monitors credits and debits for accounts. Other responsibilities include entering data into accounts receivable general ledger accounts and balancing daily and month end accounts receivable to general ledger balances


  • ·High school diploma
  • ·proficient with basic computer programs such as the Microsoft Office suite and any necessary accounting software
  • ·a strong attention to detail
  • ·data entry skills and math skills

Internal Auditor

Internal auditors evaluate and document existing or proposed procedures and controls and acts as a liaison for audits with internal departments as well as outside auditors


  • ·Bachelor's degree in accounting or related fields
  • ·MBA is a plus
  • ·proficient with basic computer programs such as the Microsoft Office suite and any necessary accounting software
  • ·Good grasp of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. (GAAP).
  • ·At least two to four years of experience

Collections clerk

A Collections clerk contacts customers to resolve billing issues. Other tasks include researching, maintaining and managing data related to collection efforts.


  • High school diploma or GED
  • Experience in collection is a plus
  • Strong communication skills

Payroll Support Staff

A payroll administrator is the person who is responsible for ensuring that all employees within the company are paid in an accurate and timely fashion. This includes entering changes to employee payroll records, communicating with employees regarding changes in salary, benefits, etc. and handling voluntary and involuntary deductions

Requirements and Skills:

  • ·High school diploma or Associate’s degree in Accounting
  • ·Certified Payroll Professional is a plus
  • ·Good Account and Mathematical reasoning skills
  • ·Proficient with computer software packages, particularly spreadsheet and database programs.
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