Course Duration:

Around 40+ hours Training + Assignments + Real-time Scenarios - 5-8 weeks

Training Materials: All attendees will receive,

  • Video recording of every session
  • Notes and study material for examples covered.


  • Entry-level IT.
  • Aspiring to join into SAP field with development/programming interest

Training Format:

This course is delivered as a highly interactive session, with extensive live examples. This course is Live Instructor led Online training delivered using Cisco WebEx/Ring central Meeting center Web and Audio Conferencing tool.

Training Highlights:

  • Focus on Hands on training with lot of assignments, practice exercises and quizzes based on Actual Projects
  • Assignments after each session. Video Recording after every session.
  • Live Sessions and mock interviews and help on resume preparation
  • We are providing class with highly qualified trainer.

Introduction to SAP and classical Reporting

  • Overall introduction to ERP
  • Introduction to SAP ABAP/4, introduction R/3 architecture
  • ABAP/4 editor
  • Data types
  • Output Statements
  • Writing small program
  • Arithmetic operations
  • String operations
  • Control statements
  • Parameters
  • Open SQL-Statements(Insert, Modify, delete, Update)
  • Simple reporting
  • Selection screens
  • Data dictionary

-Data Element
-Search Help
-Table Maintenance Generator
-Primary Key, Foreign Key
-Check Table, Value Table


  • Debugging Techniques

-Break point Creation
-Watch point Creation

  • Internal Tables


  • Control Break statements
  • Modularization Techniques

-Function Modules

  • Variants
  • Conversion Exits
  • For all entries and joins (Inner and left outer)
  • Message class creation & message types
  • Events for classical reports
  • Hide and Hotspot
  • Creating and handling buttons
  • Menu painter

Miscellaneous Topics

  • Landscape to SAP
  • Correction and transport request (CTS)
  • Transport Organizer
  • Work Bench Request
  • Task creation
  • Release objects
  • SAP Memory
  • Set/get parameters
  • ABAP Memory
  • Imports/Exports
  • Logical Database
  • Field symbols
  • Field Extracts
  • SD Flow
  • MM Flow

Dialogue programming

  • Introduction to screen painter and Dialogue programming
  • Flow logic


  • Screen Designing
  • Programming in object Browser
  • Field validations
  • Creation of

-Sub screens
-Table Controls
-Tab strips
-Step Loops

  • Dynamic screen

-Call screen
-Set screen
-Leave to screen
-Leave screen

  • Processing of list from Transaction and Vice Versa
  • Screen table and its fields
  • Lock Objects

Interface programming

  • Introduction to BDC
  • File Handling

-Presentation Sever
-Application server

  • Recording
  • Methods in BDC

-Call Transaction
-Session Method

  • Error handling in Call Transaction
  • Handling Table Controls in BDC
  • Mass Updating

-Vendor Master
-Customer Master

  • Legacy System Work bench

-Different Methods
-Steps to Write
-Flat file creation
-Up loading data


  • Introduction
  • Layout sets
  • Script Elements
  • Modifying standard layout sets (By using Subroutines)
  • Including Logo
  • SAP Script

-Export to Dataset
-Import from Dataset

Smart forms

  • Working with smart forms
  • Standard Texts
  • Graphics Management
  • Writing print program and designing layouts
  • Output type Configuration tot Standard orders

Cross Application

  • Introduction to CA
  • RFC destination Creations
  • Working with RFC function modules


  • Concepts of Idocs
  • Structure of Idoc type
  • Idocs-types
  • Creation of segments
  • Creation of segments
  • Creation of Idocs


  • Creation of Message types
  • Monitoring tools of Idoc interface

-Display Idocs
-Docs list


  • Defining Logical systems used for Ale interfaces
  • Out bound/Inbound processing
  • Transferring of Master Data from one system to another system
  • Distribution Modal View

-Idocs filtering
-Segment filtering using filters objects
-Reduced Idocs

  • Out bound using change pointers methods


  • Overview and Architecture


  • Overview and creation of BAPI

Enhancements (user exists)

  • Concepts of Enhancements
  • Types of exists

-Field exit
-Menu exit
-Function exit
-Screen exit


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